Oktoberfest Mallorca - House Son Amar

Oktoberfest Mallorca - House Son Amar

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Oktoberfest Mallorca - House Son Amar

Oktoberfest Mallorca - House Son Amar

House Son Amar. Son Amar. Carretera de Palma-Soller KM 10,8, 07193 Palmanyola, Balearic Islands.. Mapa ikusi

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El mundialmente conocido Oktoberfest regresa a Mallorca

Hasta el 16 de octubre, experimente la mejor tradición alemana en House of Son Amar.

Viernes y sábados desde las 18 h. hasta la media noche y domingos de 13 a 20 h.

Entrada general

5 € por persona
Acceso al recinto. Comida y bebidas disponibles

Entrada VIP
300 € por mesa de hasta 12 personas
Acceso al recinto. Consumición mínima de  300 euros por grupos de hasta 12 personas.

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Evento disponible para todo público.
Entrada gratuita para niños hasta 11 años. 

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Iritzia balioztatuta2022/10/9 egunean joan zen
Not great and dangerous to get to without a car
We attended Oktoberfest on Sunday afternoon having caught the bus from Palma. The bus stop is a good 10 minute walk from the venue either on the side of the VERY busy dual carriageway or along a quiet Gehiago irakurri r road, but you have to cross the carriageway to get to it and then cross the road again to get to the venue. I don't know why there is no bus stop at the venue. There is lots and lots of car parking space available, which I think encourages drink driving. Once there we were shown to our table, order and service of food and drinks was prompt. Drinks were expensive, food was reasonably priced. There was a DJ playing music followed by the German Oompah band who did a short set of European popular music before going off again. Return of the DJ and some great light and fountain displays. Oompah band came back on after a good hour or so and again European popular music, no traditional Oompah music apart to bond the audience and get them swaying together. We much preferred to Oktoberfest when it was in S'Arenal. Will we return to Son Amar Oktoberfest? NO! very disappointing and dangerous to get to unless you drive.




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